In August 1991 the foundation of SANINDUSA (Indusa – Indústria de Sanitários, Lda. Corporation) was a fact. Construction of the factory begins in February 1992 and production of sanitary products starts in May 1993. The start is very successful and within a year the production capacity and the number of employees will double.

During the years of its existence, SANINDUSA has added several units to its range. Including a tap department (Grau), an acrylic department, a special production unit for large ceramic products (a 150 cm washbasin, for example) and to top it all, a fully modern high pressure factory in Tocha. This factory has taken SANINDUSA to a completely higher level in 2000. From that moment on, SANINDUSA can compete with the major players in the sanitary market.

During the time of its existence, SANINDUSA has clearly won the trust of the consumer and guarantees beautiful products of solid quality.